So there’s just that you make accuracy in the way we pitch the card of shifts thing. And just be careful of that because there’s a truth to it, which is energy uses required for civilizational advance. And then there’s the bogus thing that anybody is going to snip out as bogus and knows anything about energy which sometimes gets confused with it. So there are the two points, I don’t know that anything is controversial here. One is like, just know your audience and pitch to your audience.

So the duck curve is this like colloquial term for this California company, CAISO. They’re a nonprofit that does a lot of the overside of the grid of California and they made this grid of, I think, it’s March 31st. So a spring day when people don’t need to use heat, they don’t need to use air conditioning, and it shows the demand of the energy grid of the cost.

Abengoa will also hold the concession operate the wind farm for 20 years. Suzlon Group, the world’s fifth largest wind turbine manufacturer, today announced the strategic sale of the 240 MW Big Sky Wind Farm in Illinois to EverPower Wind Holdings, Inc. Suzlon Group had recently acquired the Big Sky wind farm from Edison Mission Energy via their fully owned US-based subsidiary Suzlon Wind Energy Corp .

So the heat is very in the middle of the day then the consumption network is not the slowest one. So it’s like an extreme case of overproduction of energy. And the kind of recent news just in the past few days is that they’re financing a lot more build-out of energy like 150 million is the start but it’s going to be many times that precisely because Bitcoin is making this possible. And as somebody says in the article, Bitcoin mining and renewable energy is a perfect match. So Bitcoin mining because it’s so portable and tunable can play this role of basically like okay, supposed the infrastructure does get built and you need fewer Bitcoin miners than before the transmission infrastructure is built. Where do you do with that access Bitcoin mining capacity?

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I think Bitcoin is going to shatter all the regulatory nonsense like goes on in energy markets because every producer feels that they’re getting screwed until they start exporting that energy to the Bitcoin network until they’ve stopped being screwed. And so, it’s a really simple kind of a function but has very massive implications. It’s a little bit more efficient but you always losing something in position because it’s resistance because it’s self-leakage, we can see also need to higher voltage then you upscale the voltage, it’s the transformer.

However, his colleagues are not as helpful and did not provide a good service. This hotel was not the one from our vacation package. It did not book this hotel, but the travel agent transferred me due to mold smell in the only room left in the other one. This is an important item to note when you come. After a few days you can become sick but still forgiving the smell damage.

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In all of Africa, just one project added capacity in 2013. The final 90 megawatts of Ethiopia’s 120-megawatt Ashegoda Wind Farm went into operation, more than doubling the country’s wind capacity to 170 megawatts. South Africa has 2,100 megawatts of wind power in the pipeline, including 750 megawatts to be added in 2014 alone. Development is picking up elsewhere in Asia as well.

So during the night, when there is no solar being produced, there’s very little demand for energy and little production. And then, as you know, the workday starts and as the sun comes up, we have this really big belly of the duck. And we can see every year, the amount of wattage being produced by solar is increasing dramatically. And we can see that the duck’s belly is getting bigger and bigger which is great.

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The stay was nice, room clean and smelling nicely, people are great, I’ve been offered options to chose from. In January 2004, Bangkok Post reported on a three-year research project at Chiang Mai University’s nuclear physics laboratory, funded by the National Research Council of Thailand, to atomically-modify rice. The research involves drilling a nano-sized hole (a nanometer is one-billionth of a meter) through the wall and membrane of a rice cell in order to insert a nitrogen atom. The hole is drilled using a particle beam (a stream of fast-moving particles, not unlike a lightening bolt) and the nitrogen atom is shot through the hole to stimulate rearrangement of the rice’s DNA.

Abengoa commissions a 50 MW wind farm in Uruguay

Normally else it should be poor because there is like a network of different transformers, we’re using different route of connections. If we are placing the loads, you should inform the network. Normally, they are monitoring the network for like houses or cities and automatically they balance everything. But in the huge facilities, for example, in Georgia than the taking electricity from the electrical forward stations from dam.

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And I agree, CK, with everything you’ve said that’s you until we have a free energy market, we don’t have a free world. Until we have a Bitcoin standard for energy, we don’t have a free energy market. It’s really, really important for going forward for like all industries, for all societies, for individuals, for group collectives we need a free market for energy and we need it now, we needed that yesterday.

And recently, a CNBC piece which all sent to CK, maybe you can put it in the Nest. Through this contract, ACCIONA Energy diversifies Product Portfolio Definition its activity in Mexico. Offshore projects account for just over 2 percent of the wind capacity installed worldwide.

And it is a way for you to preserve your purchasing power again, over time and space. The solar panel normal efficiency is 70% but you need also downscale it and then upscale it, you’re losing approximately 25% on conversion. The wind generation is also not very efficient, normally it’s 25% and definitely whatever wind generation you are building, you’re spending more electricity for fossil fuel what the wind generation, you’ll be able to generate through all the life. Solar panel and wind generation is also creating that pool and that pool is called because normally, the wind is not blowing all the time and the sun is not else lighting all the time.

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So, it’s going to accelerate the adoption of renewable. And to the audience that cares about concentrations of greenhouse gasses, that’s the pitch, right? It incentivizes that build-out even before we had transmission to it, it makes renewable cost-competitive. And they’re just, I think they’re not cannot be moved by other stuff. And in particular, I guess I want to call out one thing that I hear a lot in a Bitcoin community which is the card of shifts scale stuff.

  • If hotel was renovated and have a friendly customer service will definitely be a great stay as the location is perfect.
  • The Electric Reliability Council of Texas reports that wind farms produced nearly 10 percent of the electricity delivered to its 24 million customers in 2013.
  • The 905 utility-scale wind projects operating here exceeded 4 percent of the U.S. electricity generation during 2013, and are now able to power the equivalent of 15.5 million American homes.
  • 2006, A market method to endow NDC with automatic financial stability, Chapter 8 in R.

Germany, which added 3,200 megawatts in 2013, ranks third worldwide in total capacity, with 34,000 megawatts. Four of its northern states regularly get half or more of their electricity from wind farms. Alongside the agreement, Alstom continues discussions already under way in recent months with 300 French suppliers located in the Lower Normandy region and all across the country, such as ADF, LEROUX&LOTZ Technologies, NICOLAS and Cherbourg Manutention. What is the meshy network between all of these industries happening and coming together to produce a pencil? And so the concept is the free market, the price of the labor that it costs you make all of those things, the freer that market is, the freer that energy market, that distribution, that industrialization market is, the more efficient that our pricing will be.

It’s one of the couples of books that I buy my friends and family when I’m trying to always tell them. I think technology should be making energy cheaper. And there’s so much inefficiency in our market because of subsidization and because of conglomerate big bucks realtors and people having and been invested into this old system and their profits are guaranteed based on this old system. So, the idea of the duck curve, it’s a snapshot of a day, of a spring day in California.

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The higher load of consumption is every morning and in the evening time in the network and result then you can actually the solar panels and wind generation to normal grids. This may take the regular fossil fuel station and Hibra station is less efficient. They did not sell the constant electricity that they are generating. They need to decrease the production and then decrease the production.

Part of coal production, energy production is you need to start and ramp up the energy production. So there’s actually a greater cost to start a plant to increase and ramp up its demand, whereas solar, it is getting what the sun is providing. And basically, nothing else in history has been able to do this. What we’re doing is balancing the grid as Nick Carter puts it in the article, fiddling with the demand-dial rather than fiddling with the supply dial, and no such fiddling has ever been possible before on the demand side.

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The perfect combination between great location, great price, good service and decor. You can sometimes hear the bands playing or people shouting, but if you don’t complain about it, the rest is perfect. Nice vegetation at the lobby, the breakfast includes coffee, fruits, toast, granola yogurt and muffin at a beautiful Italian restaurant close to the hotel, and it’s included a gym pass to go everyday around the corner, great gym too. I recommend this accommodation everyday and I will definitely come back. What the money’s equipment, can you install the money’s equipment near to the solar grid and just mining Bitcoin is covering and lowering the cost of electricity working style with himself on the steel factory.

But we need this, I think to be able to take the monetization of wind-solar is available and when it’s cheap and monetizing it. And then also, being real into the actual demands of the energy grid and know that we can’t just switch to a solar standard, it’s not possible. The inefficiencies of making turbines, the amount of energy it costs to make a turbine will never, where we are right now, produce enough energy to offset the energy cost of making it. So when there’s a big, big solar overgeneration, if you will, potential overgeneration, the local grid can use that and monetize it, store it in Bitcoin, let it extrapolate credit and purchasing power on the ledger over time.