Keep in mind that the purpose of your motivation letter is to convince your recipient of your value. You may be tempted to write things that are untrue to make your letter more alluring. But seasoned interviewers can easily detect made-up stories and you’ll be tossed out without a second thought. Instead, focus on your letter on your strengths and achievements. Use the body of your letter to appeal to the recipient as much as you can. A genuine, well-written letter speaks volumes compared to one riddled with lies and extravagant claims. Future plans – outline your aspirations and provide examples of how studying abroad will help you reach those goals.

It might seem obvious but actually praising your employees on their achievements can be one of the best motivators out there. If you want your employees to be self-motivating, it’s a good idea to offer them more responsibility with meaningful work. If you think an employee, or an entire team for that matter, is suffering from a lack of engagement, give them more challenging and meaningful work and watch them flourish.

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To explore the robustness of the measure we employ data from two samples; one consisting of 308 Dutch workers, the other involving 681 Chinese employees. In this way some insight can be obtained into the degree to which our findings can be generalized and replicated across countries and cultures. Focus on informal experiences you have – you don’t need to work to gather experiences. You may have honed your soft skills through babysitting or improved your foreign language knowledge through communicating with your pen pals.

We all have different reasons why we take a certain course of action. Before you embark on any type of study or training it’s important to establish what you want to achieve through it. It might be that you want to further your career or want to learn more about a subject. This way it’ll be easier for you, you’ll stay motivated and you’ll also probably be much more productive. It just makes sense, you are more likely to be motivated if you’ve chosen to complete a task than if you’re told to. If you’re already recognising achievement in your business but not seeing the benefits, consider whether you’re clearly demonstrating what the reward is for.

Always reward yourself immediately even if it is just with a cup of tea and your favourite soap on TV. Even if it’s just allowing yourself to have a chocolate bar once you have completed studying a particular topic. It’s so very easy, when doing a big task, to be small-minded and not actually look at the bigger picture. February 16, 2020It’s that time of the month when your motivation starts to slip.

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I was first cast in a play when I was 5 years old, in our school’s production of The Cautionary Tale of Humpty Dumpty. From then on, I have been an active member of drama clubs from elementary school through high school, and I hope to spend the rest of my life bringing joy to people through my performances. Most applications come with strict guidelines about the length and content they want to be reflected in your motivation letter. The instructions may also include formatting details like font style and size, the common ones being Times New Roman or Arial in size 12. In this section, you can explain your interest in the study path you’re pursuing. Instead, focus on your academic achievements in the classroom and outside of it. Good grades do matter, and you have every right to be proud of them.

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There is no place within Studielink to submit a personal statement or motivation letter as it is usually referred to in the Dutch context. Universities will request this directly from you if it is necessary. You can write an individual motivation letter for each degree programme that requires it which is a major difference from UCAS. You do not receive conditional offers through Studielink because Dutch university entry requirements usually do not depend on the specific grades you get at A level, International Baccalaureate or BTEC .

I realize that systems and habits are not a glamorous topic, but honestly, they work. They’ve fuelled every step of my entrepreneurial journey over the last 12 years. If you create reliable systems and continue to improve these systems , you don’t even have to think about motivation. TT developed the Dutch version of the scale, supervised the collection of the Dutch data, analyzed the data, and wrote the first full draft of the manuscript.

Maybe it feels scary or impossible, or the task at hand is downright boring. It’s money or praise or trying not to look clumsy on the tennis court. It’s the desire to act, even when the only reward is the activity itself . Intrinsic motivation implies that you’re acting for authentic, honourable reasons. For example, you start a business to help people or solve a problem — not because you’re dazzled by visions of fame and fortune.

Perhaps you’ve read an article or seen a documentary that has reminded you of a topic you find interesting. For instance, you could have enjoyed watching Planet Earth. Why not start by going on Wikipedia to look at an animal that caught your eye? You can roam about for a bit then bring the focus onto topics relevant to your biology syllabus, such as animal anatomy or types of reproduction.

Any subject can be interesting if you are curious to learn more about it. Challenging your team doesn’t just mean piling more work on their desk without any additional support. The last thing you want to do is leave employees graduation in one year overworked and demotivated. By challenging your employees with tasks that push them outside of their comfort zone, you help them to grow and develop into a team that isn’t afraid to take on the next challenge.