And the chicken kathi roll (a roll with a delicately-prepared filling of chicken kebab and raw veggies that’s a real treat not only for the stomach but for the eyes too). In several different places around India, but for the best tunday kebab, head to Lucknow. They all made me smile and I’m confident that some of them will brighten your day too. Today I offer you 21 witty one-liners that are guaranteed to make you smile.

In fact, it’s so soft that it can even give a foodgasm to a toothless person. This simple snack is a local favorite not only across India but also in parts of Southeast Asia as well. Paan consists of an areca nut and berries, accompanied by different spices, wrapped in a betel leaf. A lot of people also use it as a breath freshener, palate cleanser (supposedly, it’s great for digestion), and some people even use it due to its psychoactive effects.

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Dosa is arguably the most popular snack in South India, in fact, so popular that it can be found pretty much anywhere in India. If you never heard about it, dosa is a crispy and savory, pancake-like-looking dish filled with spicy potato and toppings of your own choice. Dosa is an integral part of South Indian cuisine and can be found anywhere from street food stalls to fancy restaurants. Moong dal ladoo is an easy-to-make, popular South Indian sweet. These delicious, sugary delights are made of the omnipresent moong dal, sugar, and ghee. This delicious sweet requires only 3-4 ingredients, it’s a rich source of proteins and needs only around 30 minutes to prepare which just increases its popularity. The dish is usually garnished with grated mooli and served with a spicy coriander chutney.

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I know what you might be thinking; duck meat is not very common in Indian cuisine. The truth is the Bombay duck doesn’t have any duck meat in it. It’s made of small strips of deep-fried fish prepared in red curry and lightly battered with a crispy exterior while remaining soft on the inside. This is one of the best seafood street food dishes in India and an absolute must when visiting Mumbai. Mutton Paya is one of the oldest and most delicious treats of Central India and arguably the tastiest street food dish in this part of the country. As the name suggests, this soup is made of lamb leg that’s tenderized to perfection and added in a bowl of flavorful local spices. The dish can be found anywhere in Central India, from street food stalls to restaurants.

Chicken Tikka can be found at street food stalls but also in a lot of restaurants. If you’re looking to prepare it as a main course dish, check out our recipe. In Hindi, matar means beans and kulcha is a type of flatbread. Together, they constitute one of Delhi’s most popular street food delicacies.

The pastry is stuffed with spiced potatoes, onions, peas, and lentils, and it comes in different shapes; triangular, half-moon, and cone, depending on the region. This delicious treat also happens to be one of the oldest snacks in the world. Most Indian street food dishes consist of simple, easy-to-make dishes but that doesn’t mean that they won’t explode releasing an array of rich, exotic flavors in your mouth and leave you craving for more. India is like a giant, tasty labyrinth whose only exit is to eat your way out. Organisational abuse is the mistreatment, abuse or neglect of an adult by a regime or individuals in a setting or service where the adult lives or that they use. Such abuse violates the person’s dignity and represents a lack of respect for their human rights. Dahi Bara,a popular street food in Odisha deserves to be included in the list of popular street foods.

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